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Professionally, I'm a senior software engineer at Arxan Technologies. Past employers include Palm and Tandem (now HP). My specialty is object-oriented operating systems.

I'm a zealot about capability-based operating systems, one of the originators of the KeyKOS operating system, and the main force behind CapROS.
Here is a good introduction to capabilities.
Here's a design note about an object in KeyKOS and CapROS, the Domain Creator.
A design principle.
Norm Hardy, another KeyKOS guru, has many cogent observations on capability-based systems here.

You can reach me via email at .

Links to my other pages:

My research on orientation of solar panels.
How to end frivolous lawsuits.
How to achieve invincibility against terrorist attacks.
Photos of the property where I live, the house I built on it, and its construction. The project to build a well house on the property.
The audio/video cabinet I designed and built for the house.
My opinions on school vouchers.
My Berrocal puzzle sculpture Goliath.
My notes on programming the HAI Omni controller.
Repair tips:
How to replace the battery of a Palm Zire 72.
Repairing a toilet valve.

Vital Statistics

BSEE from M.I.T., 1971
MSEE from M.I.T., 1972
Father of Leo Landau

 Here's a list of my publications:

Sole inventor of US Patent 6,219,770 (copy on write in an object-oriented memory)
Sole inventor of US Patent 6,279,094 (invalidation of mapping table entries). Here is an attempt to explain this patent.
Sole inventor of US Patent 6,279,095 (omnibus wiring of mapping table entries)

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